Company Profile

HandsOn Systems Ltd. is a technology company located in Malta made up of the right people with the right skills. We are creative innovators and our passion is to research and develop high tech solutions. We are small enough to be personal yet big enough to deliver. We currently employ a team of 15 technology consultants, developers and engineers and we deliver innovative IT solutions to a broad range of clients worldwide.

HandsOn Systems Ltd. is a technology company which specializes in the following key areas:

  • Vehicle Telematics (Vehicle Electronics, Sensors, Diagnostics, Engine Tuning and remote sensing)
  • GIS/GPS technologies (Realtime Tracking, Mapping, Routing, Satellite Imagery, Geofencing)
  • Wireless Technologies (GPRS,3G, Satellite and Wifi)
  • RFID (Asset Tracking and Tagging)
  • Business Intelligence (Reports, Dashboards, KPIs)
  • Mobile & Web Applications (iPhone, Android and Blackberry Development)
  • Security Solutions (Emergency Response, Fuel Antitheft, Control Room software, Panic systems, Collision Detection)

The company’s first and main product at the moment is HandsOn Fleet. HandsOn Fleet is a state of the art and very advanced Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management software which integrates all aspects of any kind of fleet for total control and maximum operational efficiency. The company is currently servicing a number of fleets of commercial, security and emergency vehicles and is constantly developing new technologies for various industries.

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Our Company Philosophy

We Build Fast Systems


We do not want to build just any other software. We understand that for you to be productive you need to make use of software which is fast. HandsOn builds lightweight software which is blazingly fast without any compromise. Every second counts and we make sure you do not loose any.



In order for you to be safe we believe in building indestructible systems protected with the most advanced security. We make sure that your data is backed up every day and no data is leaked through encrypted data connections.

Around the clock support

24/7 Support

Having the best software in the world is not enough. We believe in the people behind the system because sometimes nothing can replace a person. We offer round the clock support so that when you get stuck we can help. We invest as much on technology as we do on our people.

Unlimited Updates

Unlimited Updates

As they say the best things in life come for free. We believe that until you remain our client you deserve to get unlimited updates of our software for free. At HandsOn we simply think differently. Unlike other software companies which charge you for every new version of software they release, we guarantee free unlimited updates forever.

Why HandsOn?

HandsOn is not just any other company. HandsOn has become a new way of thinking, a clear vision, a technological culture, one which is dynamic and forward looking. We believe in this culture and we share it also with our customers. We have been fore runners in our industry not because we are nice, but because we listen and we deliver. We are far from perfect but this makes us even more interesting as we keep on learning.

A brand such as ours is bold. The brand HandsOn is all the time saying something. HandsOn means being there on the field and be able to touch and feel subject matter. Being hands-on is being practical and being able to drill down, observe and take care of every little detail. Operating in the technology sector, the brand needs to be fast moving. Our customers have to always ask us what’s next? With a vast range of products and features in place but also in the pipeline HandsOn is not just about evolution but revolution!

About Us

HandsOn Systems is a company that specializes in Telematic and GPS localisation systems. At HandsOn we strive to deliver reliable solutions designed to facilitate your workflow and to give you peace of mind.

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