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Corporate Social Responsibility

HandsOn believes in sustainability in whatever it does. Whilst delivering state of the art technological solutions we run our business responsibly so that all stakeholders including our community and the environment itself are respected and protected. Corporate Social Responsibility is a discipline that helps us to manage risks and maximise on the opportunities presented to us in a changing world.

We strongly believe in giving back to the community. Offering employment opportunities is not enough. We think that volunteering our time, knowledge and energy both improves the community and our environment.


Mobile Blood Transfusion Unit

HandsOn not only provides GPS tracking solutions to the various vehicles operated by the Mobile Blood Transfusion unit but our employees also donate blood on a regular basis.

Valletta Subbuteo Club

Our company is also the official sponsor for the Valletta Subbuteo Club. Subbuteo is a different game and we just like seeing such serious players flicking players around a table.

Alive Cycling Challenge

HandsOn offers its technology to 40 cyclists who are going to tour Europe offering them safety and peace of mind through its HandsOn Persona personnel tracker.

Student Placement Programme

We are also very active in helping students gain their first work experience by placing students in a structured programme in various departments in our company.

About Us

HandsOn Systems is a company that specializes in Telematic and GPS localisation systems. At HandsOn we strive to deliver reliable solutions designed to facilitate your workflow and to give you peace of mind.

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