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    Easy and Fun to Use

    Whether you are a tour operator, a city promoter, a bus or a taxi company or an adventurous tourist, HandsOn Cityguide is an easy and fun smartphone application that can be used to create interesting and engaging GPS based commentaries.

    If you think that you have a great story to tell about a particular place, city, village or countryside, then HandsOn Cityguide is the tool you need to convey your message in the most unique and fascinating manner.

    Available for all Android and Apple devices, the only requirement is a smartphone. A very simple and straightforward interface makes it very easy to play and listen to various commentaries based on the current location of the smartphone. HandsOn Cityguide also gives the operator the facility to create, update and delete any commentaries online through an easy to use web interface. Once ready, the Cityguide smartphone application can be synchronized to the cloud via internet and any new locations and audio commentaries are downloaded automatically.


    Create your Own Commentary Online

    It is no longer required to run around your commentary systyems to update those last minute changes in your commentaries or to upload new content. New commentaries can now be updated easily through HandsOn webportal and all smartphone devices can be synced automatically after all changes have been affected. This is what HandsOn calls Web 3.0 - welcome to the new breed of GPS commentary systems!

    The web portal lets you create new points of interest and link multilingual commentaries which are uploaded on the cloud. Once ready, the operator can then synchronize all smartphones manually or automatically this updating the commentary system with all the latest content. This system is ideal especially when a number of commentary systems are not in the same location.

    HandsOn Cityguide offers a new world of possibilities for sightseeing companies, tour bus, couches, trolleys, trains or sea vessels and presents a new and unique way how to create and manage a GPS based audio commentary system.


    Multilingual Support

    HandsOn Cityguide is a GPS based commentary system that supports up to 12 different languages making it one of the most versatile and flexible all in one solution. Such support gives the operator and the user alike an international yet localized solution.

    Apart from playing the commentaries in a chosen language, a mixed mode feature can be activated so as to play up to 3 languages after each other. This feature is useful when playing the commentary to an audience of mixed nationalities.

    HandsOn Cityguide lets the operator reach more people. Listening to a story in one's native language is far more engaging then listening to a commentary in a foreign language. Such multilingual support makes HandsOn Cityguide a truly global solution.


    Powerful yet Affordable

    HandsOn has built a reputation of producing rock solid applications. Whit a wide range of telematic and GPS solutions and years of experience in developing such technologies, HandsOn is at the forefront of the market.

    Combining Smartphone technology with state of the art GPS functionality, HandsOn Cityguide is a powerful cloud based solution. The user can create new commentaries, create new trigger points online and then sync the smartphone app later on.

    The application is extremely affordable therefore making it available for everyone who wants to start his own automated GPS based guide system. Since it runs on any GPS enabled smartphone, no extra or special equipment is needed thus making it easily available.


    Live Tracking

    Vital vehicle data is relayed on your computer in real-time. With up to the second updates, you can rest assured that you remain in the driver's seat keeping a watchful eye over your fleet. Our system is totally web-based and accessible from any browser or any mobile device.


    Advanced Mapping

    Powered by Google Maps, our mapping system is both powerful and flexible. Get live traffic updates, amazing satellite imagery and street level detail with Street View. With our street finder you can also help routing your drivers to the precise destination.


    Fuel Monitoring

    Through extensive CAN Bus integration, our system can monitor virtually anything about the vehicle or driver. Keep your fuel costs down by monitoring the actual fuel levels regularly, the refueling times, locations, quantities and also the average fuel consumption of every vehicle.


    Sensor Monitoring

    You can monitor and log any number of sensor inputs and outputs such as door sensors, AC, passenger sensors, sirens, alarms and anything else required for the successful operation of your company. All these sensors and switches can also generate an alarm when something is irregular.


    Rules and Alerts

    Create your own rules based on what the vehicle is doing and where it is going, so you can keep your mind at rest at all times. Receive instant email and SMS alerts from our system, warning you about anything you do not want to happen.


    Comprehensive Reports

    A rich set of customizable and interactive reports gives you the power to analyze the way you operate your fleet. We will give you the power to execute decisions instantly thus improving the overall efficiency of your fleet.


    Custom Geofences

    A rich set of customizable and interactive reports gives you the power to analyze the way you operate your fleet. We will give you the power to execute decisions instantly thus improving the overall efficiency of your fleet.


    Waypoint Reporting

    A rich set of customizable and interactive reports gives you the power to analyze the way you operate your fleet. We will give you the power to execute decisions instantly thus improving the overall efficiency of your fleet.


    Business Intelligence Dashboard

    A rich set of customizable and interactive reports gives you the power to analyze the way you operate your fleet. We will give you the power to execute decisions instantly thus improving the overall efficiency of your fleet.


    Increased Efficiency

    By giving you real-time knowledge of all movement related to your assets, you would gain that increased efficiency you always wanted in your organization.


    Lower Fuel Costs

    Through constant monitoring of every vehicle’s fuel consumption and by analyzing the driving styles of every driver, we will make sure that our system reduces your fuel costs.

    security (1)

    Increased Security

    Say goodbye to stolen or lost vehicles. Our system protects your vehicles all year round and locating your vehicle will be just like a breeze.


    Quality Management

    Quality control plays an important role in the success of any company. You can now easily monitor and control the quality of operations from any computer situated in any location.


    Business Intelligence

    Through our robust reporting and vivid dashboards, you can immediately gain business insight and monitor those performance indicators so vital for your organization’s success.


    Enhanced Communication

    Calling your drivers on their mobile phone is both dangerous and illegal, yet you need to communicate and instruct them with the latest changes all the time. Our solution enables you to send and receive messages such as trip or delivery information, to Garmin or similar devices.


    Improved Response

    Gain customer satisfaction and improve your response times by assigning vehicles that are more conveniently located to your clients. Show your customers that you really care, an appropriate tracking solution enhances your accountability.


    Waypoint Reporting

    Picking the right route can save you time and money. State-of-the-art route planning for the fleet operator and on-board navigation for the driver are made available at the user’s fingertips.


    Increase Utilization

    Maximize the utilization of your fleet by planning your operations better. At a touch of a button, you can check vital statistics on the past utilization of your whole fleet and plan your operations based on actual performance.


    Decrease Overall Costs

    Reducing those phone bills and cutting down those sky-high fuel costs, together with an increase in your efficiency, will certainly reduce your overall operating costs guaranteeing a minimum of 20% increase on your profit margins.


    To simplify your world in the Transport and Logistics we have come up with specific solutions that address specific needs of a particular type of vehicle you will be using. These are:

    HandsOn Reefer Trailer

    We do understand that transporting temperature controlled goods requires special care and attention. If any malfunction occurs, the damages can be very high.

    HandsOn Reefer Trailer is designed to offer the following advantages:

    • Realtime Temperature Monitoring and Reporting
    • Realtime Temperature Alerts
    • Fuel Management & Fuel Theft Alerts
    • Engine and AC Input Monitoring
    • Door and Hook Up Sensor
    • Setpoint and Ignition Remote Control
    • Remote Fault Monitoring

    Our platform also gives you the possibility to maintain all information on your fleet of trailers on our system including Trailer type and model, manufacturer, weight and other pertinent data that you need to achieve improved fleet management.


    HandsOn Reefer Trailer has been approved and certified by a number of renowned and trusted authorities. Download our HandsOn Reefer Quality Policy for more information.


    HandsOn Cash Vehicle

    Transporting valuable items has always been a risky and sensitive task. In creating more confidence in both your operations and increasing situational awareness we have designed a very powerful telematics platform which has been tailor made to address the needs of the Cash in Transit sector.


    HandsOn Cash Vehicle is designed to give you the following advantages:

    • Realtime Location Monitoring
    • Panic Button Instant Alert
    • Driver Identification and Authentication
    • Remote Engine Cutoff
    • Remote Door Lock Activation
    • Remote Panic for Courier
    • Remote Siren Activation
    • Door Monitoring
    • Cash Box Monitoring
    • Collection Points Customer Alerting

    Our platform offers bullet proof protection to all your operational data and makes sure you have total control over your valuable assets. Our system is ISO certified and all data is stored in highly secured datacenters. Our systems are checked by third-party auditors which attest to the design and operating effectiveness of all our systems.


    For more information about our Security Policy and Compliance, refer to the HandsOn Security Policy whitepaper. This whitepaper provides information to assist you with integrating our systems into your existing control framework supporting your IT environment.


    Whether it is cash we are carrying or transporting any other valuable goods from one location to the other, HandsOn Tracking systems have helped us to always remain in control in any situation. Through constant surveillance and remote monitoring, we can now easily protect our assets anywhere, anytime. HandsOn Systems have been very professional in integrating various optional devices, customized to suit our security vans. With custom installations such as Panic Buttons and Door Sensors, our security personnel can immediately alert their control centre whenever they are in distress. In seconds, out control centre can take the necessary actions based on real-time information provided by HandsOn Fleet. Most of the delivery drivers make a large number of drops on a daily basis. The driver usually stops outside a shop or a bank, sometimes also leaving the key in the ignition. This makes the van an easy target for thieves. HandsOn Systems technology can send an alert to our management in case of a vehicle theft , it simply helps retrieve our vehicles after it has been stolen. The software is so flexible that it can also send alerts to one of our managers if one of our vehicles is taken or moved unexpectedly from a specified area during a specified time frame. Apart from the increased security, HandsOn Fleet is crucial to our operations. It helps us in reducing management time and improving the efficiency and security of our business. In fact it helps us to focus more on our business and less on security issues resulting there off. Such a system not only increases the security and efficiency in the transportation of cash, valuables or any other expensive material but it also reduces risks to our customers’ personnel as well as their customers. It is a tool that we can’t work without – it is the ultimate peace of min for our own business, our employees and our customers. Sherwin Bonnici – IT Manager G4S


    John’s Group

    A lot of innovation and creative thinking is required to overcome today’s big challenges. HandsOn Fleet helps us to closely monitor punctuality, refine timetables and manage congestion. It also helps us monitor fuel consumption, the amount of daily passengers and the driving behavior of our drivers. Having all our fleet monitored 24/7 and being able to take decisions based on the position and status of all our assets, makes us operate efficiently and be more accountable with any of our clients. We can forget the days when we had to radio or call our driver on his mobile to ask him on his current position. With HandsOn Fleet we always have all this information and more available at hand up to the latest second. With enhanced satellite imagery and accurate mapping information, we can now know near which shop or hotel our vehicle has been parked. HandsOn Fleet’s optional modules also save lots of time and money in terms of administration, from entering data into our billing and HR Systems. HandsOn Fleet feeds in this information directly. If we want to workout driver’s timesheets or else facilitate job costing and billing cycles, these reports can be easily generated at a click of a button. Gordon Farrugia – John’s Garage


    EasyGas Malta Ltd

    In this energy crisis that we live in ant the constant rising fuel prices you simply cannot afford to go wrong in your estimates. The world’s population continues to grow at a quarter of a million persons per day, increasing the consumption of energy on a daily basis. Environmental issues are making it yet more difficult for this industry to survive. By combining the latest technology in fuel sensors and flow meters with HandsOn telematics platform, we can now achieve what we have always wanted – business intelligence and automation. Not only can we instantly and accurately measure the amount of fuel in a storage tank or record the amount of fuel flowing for distribution, but we can now cut down wastage, pilfering and any other unknown leakage that is eating out from our profits. All this is made available in real-time, giving us the opportunity to act hard and fast. With HandsOn Systems’ team of engineers ready to back us up, we made sure that the design and installation of HandsOn Fleet system was executed in the most professional manner and exactly to our needs and specifications. Our operations are now fully automated, working in the way they should. We are able to share processes, risks and controls across our business units, thus reducing complexity, eliminating duplication of efforts, increasing effectiveness and understanding interdependencies between key business processes. Ruben Farrugia – Easygas Malta Ltd .

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