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Training and Consultancy

To make sure that you know how to fully utilize our system we have designed a number of training courses and seminars for our clients and for our Partners provided through our HandsOn Academy.

Although we would love to carry out on-site training, if you’re on a smaller team or on-site training just doesn’t make sense to you, you can also attend to our online webinars which are carried out frequently using Live Stream. From taking control over your fleet to managing your fuel expenses better you can now learn this through our hands-on training led by a HandsOn-certified instructor.

The following are the available seminars and courses being organized. Book one of the courses being offered by HandsOn Academy now and benefit from a free iPad*.

HandsOn Fleet Training

An Introduction into the functionality and operation of HandsOn Fleet

Module CodeHOSFLEET001
Price Per Person FREE
Number of Sessions (4 hours per session) 1
Date Commencing 26/06/2013
Course Description This module gives an introduction to the basic features and functionality available on HandsOn Fleet which include Live Tracking, Reporting and Alerts.
This course is ideal for Fleet Managers, Operations Managers and Financial Controllers.
Learning Outcomes
  • Be able to fully utilise the system functionality of HandsOn Fleet and increase operation efficiency through the use of the system.
  • Learn how to implement HandsOn Fleet in your fleet management daily operations.

HandsOn Fleet Advanced Features

Module CodeHOSFLEET002
Price Per Person FREE
Number of Sessions (4 hours per session) 1
Date Commencing 27/06/2013
Course Description This module covers a number of advanced features within HandsOn Fleet such as Waypoint Creation and Reporting, Routing, Driver Identification, Fleet Service Module and Operations Module.
Learning Outcomes
  • Learn how to reduce costs and analyse better the operations of your fleet.
  • Interpret vehicle movements better and improve the overall routing of vehicles.
  • Achieve maximum fleet efficiency by keeping track of vehicle maintenance and servicing.



Transport & Vehicle Technologies

An Introduction to Transport and Automotive Technologies

Module Code HOSTRANS001
Price Per Person €600 + VAT
Number of Sessions (8 hours per session) 3
Date Commencing 23/07/2013 - 25/07/2013
Course Description This module gives an introduction to current and upcoming vehicle technologies, transport management software, supporting systems and other technologies addressing the financial, operations and communications aspects of transport companies.
Learning Outcomes
  • Be able to fully utilise current technologies and plan for any future upgrades.
  • Identify what software can increase the efficiency, security and safety how this can be achieved.
  • Learn how to implement ICT systems in all aspects of any transport and logistics company.

Light and Heavy Vehicle Technology

Module Code HOSTRANS002
Price Per Person €600 + VAT
Number of Sessions (8 hours per session) 3
Date Commencing 29/07/2013 - 31/07/2013
Course Description This module covers the construction & design of vehicle electrical circuits and the operation of their associated components.
Learning Outcomes
  • Compile a list of safety precautions to be observed before and during electrical repair on motor vehicles.
  • Interpret vehicle manufacturer electrical circuit diagrams.
  • Use electrical components and associated wiring to construct series, parallel and series-parallel circuits.
  • Design electrical circuits to meet requirements of modern vehicle systems.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Module Code HOSTRANS003
Price Per Person €600 + VAT
Number of Sessions (8 hours per session) 1
Date Commencing 09/08/2013 - 11/08/2013
Course Description This module explains the techniques available for the diagnosing any type vehicle faults on modern light and heavy vehicles. Various protocols are explained and a number of diagnostic software tools are shown and tested.
Learning Outcomes
  • Investigate vehicle faults by utilising OBD software.
  • Describe the processes involved in diagnosing faults in a vehicle electric system.
  • Outline the sequence of events from initial diagnosis to completed repair.
  • Determine the function and operation of various diagnostic tools.
  • Describe the diagnostic circuits in vehicles, including heavy goods vehicle.
  • Identify the various EOBD systems in motor vehicles.

Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Systems

Module Code HOSTRANS004
Price Per Person €600 + VAT
Number of Sessions (8 hours per session) 1
Date Commencing 12/08/2013 - 16/08/2013
Course Description This module describes and outlines how vehicle tracking systems work, the evolution of GPS technologies and how best to manage fleets using automated systems.
Learning Outcomes
  • Demonstrate knowledge in GPS technologies.
  • Use Industry standard software to track and manage light and heavy vehicles.
  • Identify the advantages of Fleet Management Systems.

Geographical Information Systems and Satellite Navigation Systems

Module Code HOSTRANS005
Price Per Person €600 + VAT
Number of Sessions (8 hours per session) 1
Date Commencing 18/08/2013 - 21/08/2013
Course Description This module aims to demonstrate how mapping (GIS) and routing systems can reduce costs and increase efficiency.
Learning Outcomes
  • Learn the basics of Geographic Coordinate Systems.
  • Demonstrate good working knowledge of GIS systems (Google Maps, Bing).
  • Convey ability of setting up and locating the best routes through Satellite Navigation.

CAD Engineering Software

Module CodeHOSTRANS006
Price Per Person €600 + VAT
Number of Sessions (8 hours per session) 1
Date Commencing 23/08/2013 - 25/08/2013
Course Description This module introduces the student to industry standards used in Engineering Drawing which is useful in implementing or designing new vehicle technologies. Drawings are produced following technical drawing procedures. Industry specific AutoCAD software is used.
Learning Outcomes
  • Convey engineering requirements graphically.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of international drawing standards.
  • Produce engineering drawings following technical drawing procedures.
  • Use industry specific CAD software.

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